The Nudist Beach of Capocotta Beach in Italy

The Nudist Beach of Capocotta Beach in Italy

The beach of Capocotta is situated on the coast south of Rome, between Ostia and Tor Vaianica. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Latium’s littoral. In the 70s it was known as Il Buco (The Hole) because the first bathers reached the beach passing through a hole of the enclosure. Capocotta was part of an old estate. The owners wanted to build on it more than 1700 villas, but the Council of Public Works stopped them. Behind Capocotta Beach there are tall ancient dunes, the only ones that remain after the rest of the south coast was lotted. Nudists of the early 70s choosed Capocotta because of its beauty and because very few people used to go there as it was a wild place. Typical textil bathers in fact look for sea-side resorts or want bars and restaurants by the beach. At that time there was none of them on Capocotta and on the outskirts. But, little by little, more people came to Capocotta beach: the near beach of Castelporziano was so crowded that bathers started to look for a better place. Castelporziano free beach was frequented by people that weren’t rich enough to pay for sea-side resorts of Ostia.

At the end of the 80s the situation on Capocotta beach was tragic: nudists were besieged by people with bathing-suits, moralists, exhibitionists and males staring at nudist girls. Police raids against nude people, as usually wanted by moralists, changed things for the worse. In Italy, Many nudists stopped going to Capocotta beach so came more exhibitionists, that are not afraid of the police (to them it is an exciting thrill!), and used to have sex on the beach or behind the dunes. I’ve been told that in the 80s Capocotta was used like back-drop for many porno movies!

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